About the ArCC

Trinity's art program is about personal attention. The faculty not only know each student, they know the next step that each student needs to make to be successful. We connect that personal attention to Chicago's world-class resources in art, design, and education. In short, this is a program in contemporary art, design, and, art education from a Christian perspective.

Go to school where the art is.

Chicago is one of a handful of cities across the globe whose art scene combines world class museums, a vibrant gallery district, and a vigorous art press. The fine art scene includes artists, dealers, critics, curators, and collectors. The design scene includes some of the country's most important design agencies. Trinity's art students meet those artists and designers where they work so that you get a sense of what it's like to be in the art world. It's something you have to experience. It's not in a textbook.

Professionally Active Faculty

At Trinity you study with real artists. Our professors are all active on the Chicago art and design scenes where their experience and connections help you see the art world from the inside. This not only helps students get internships, it also gives them role models and perspective on the art world.


Our new facility

In 2010, our external reviewer, Tim Van Laar of the University of Illinois at Champaign, noted that unlike many art departments who adapt buildings designed for other uses, Trinity students have the good fortune to work in a building that was designed specifically for the needs of artists. He cited the attention, the amount of space, the light and the special attention we paid to safety and ventilation. Check out the building here.

Gallery and Visiting Artist Programs

Students at Trinity not only work with professional artists and designers on the faculty, the gallery program at the Seerveld Gallery gets students interacting with a wide variety of professional artists, from cutting edge artists in Chicago to nationally and internationally known artists from across the country. Our students not only see work by these artists, but from time to time, we invite them to visit students' studios when they are on campus. Check it out here.

Student Gallery, Student Design Organization

Our students show their own work at Trapcat, Trinity's student-run gallery. The Student Design Organization gives design students a chance to do real work for campus organizations and departments. Our students use Trinity's campus as a laboratory, learning to be artists and designers long before their internships and graduation.

Our Graduates

You can check out a list of graduates who have used their Trinity Art and Design degrees to go on to graduate programs in fine art, careers in graphic design and advertising, as well as running successful art education programs in elementary and high schools across the Midwest. Check out what our graduates have accomplished here.

BA | BFA Thesis Show 2015

BA | BFA Thesis Show 2015

Faith and Design